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Grand Master Ralph Krause

GrandMaster Ralph Krause has been the master instructor and director since 1961. and 1964 opened 1st Korea martial arts school in Denver Colorado. Grand Master Ralph Krause has been an instructor, competitor, tournament promoter for over three decades. He has been listed in "Who's Who of American Karate" and "Martial Arts Encyclopedia Traditions, History and People". Grand Master Ralph  Krause is the  founder and president of  the American Sport Karate Association and now has over 500 black belts in locations throughout the United States.  He is the Executive Director and Master Examiner of all black belts, the board of directors and Certified ASKA black belt instructors.

The ASKA beginnings were in 1961 when Ralph Krause, founder and president of ASKA, pioneered a martial arts "ideal" and integrated the traditions of Tae Kwon Do with American lifestyles.
Grand Master Ralph Krause isn't limiting his system  by labeling it  Tae  Kwon Do  or  Karate. AMERICAN SPORT KARATE ASSOCIATION  has always been his high standard answer to the "style" question.  As Bruce Lee once said   "The living man creature --- The creating individual is always more important'.   Labeling a system means limiting a system.
Grandmaster Ralph Krause has always acknowledged the origins of the martial arts to the Far East. But he has a much greater pride in our heritage as Americans. The forms (kata) are performed with pride and beauty of Tae Kwon Do as the original system. He is very sensitive to the image of his association in the United States and takes the mysticism and secrets out of the arts. He gets more Americans involved by improving their lives with a "Lifestyle Management System".

Grand Master Ralph Krause founded the American Sport Karate Association to recognize and unite all of the black belts, instructors and students of ASKA under one registry. The purpose of the registry is to use his ASKA policies as a guide to govern ASKA and to develop high standards by which all ASKA practitioners and members could have -- as a mark of identity.
Grand Master Ralph Krause welcomes all martial artists who want to promote and practice "AMERICAN SPORT KARATE".  Who prefer to be thought as a great symbol of freedom and pride.

Proud to be an American   Grand Master Ralph Krause.

                          Organizational Mission Statement

American Sport Karate Association is a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to the development of character and inner peace characterized by superb quality and economic viability. Our strength is generated from our commitment to our students, our people, our industry, and our communities.

Our Clients
  We are committed to providing our students with high quality instruction and responsive management services and creating enjoyable and productive learning, living and working environments. We are fair, honest, courteous, and professional. We are sensitive to our students needs and dedicated to their satisfaction.

Our Staff
  We are committed to the recruitment and development of the best individuals in our industry. We provide our staff opportunities to grow and a vested interest in the success of the company. We maintain an open-door policy at all levels, encouraging the flow of communication and exchange of ideas. We recognize the importance of each individual and his or her active role in the success of the entire company. We expect that American Sport Karate Association will be known for their character, commitment, and competence.

Our Industry
  We are committed to leading the Martial Arts industry by our integrity, innovation, student satisfaction and personal growth.

Our Communities
  We are committed to the enhancement of the communities of which we are a part, through our leadership and active participation in community affairs.

American Sport Karate Association is "a model of excellence".......
in approach, in service and in the results attained.
This is the ASKA way.