Student Journey
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       " Success is journey,
not a destination."

Dear student,

Congratulations on having taken the first step on your journey toward a worthwhile goal, Black Belt Excellence.
We, at American Sport Karate Association, welcome you to a school where people just like yourself find personal growth and challenge to be a rewarding and exciting experience. We view your personal accomplishments as a measure of our organizational success. Our unique environment will provide you and your family with a truly positive experience.

This manual contains the materials referred to as your Success Journal. It is filled with tools to guide you on your journey through our system of martial arts. This Success Journal will help you create your own personalized map as you move up the success ladder in your martial arts training.
Within this journal, you will find specific requirements for each belt, along with any other pertinent information or forms relevant at each level. Your Success Journal will serve as a personal organizer, keeping track of your individual development at each step along your journey. It will help you note areas you have improved on in the program as well as areas in which you would like further improvements.

The development of this Success Journal has been a cooperative effort on the part of our instructors and students from all belt ranks within our school. This shows how much we value the ingredient of teamwork. It is essential to our success. We always welcome your feedback and input in any matter.
Use this journal for guidance. Use it for fun. Use it for success!

Success doesn't just happen.”

The more I learn, the more I realise how much I still have have to learn. A life long journey

Guidelines for Success
There are probably as many ideas of what constitutes success as there are individuals, but there are some areas in which many of us seek to improve our lives, such as knowledge, prestige and financial security. Some desire success in more than one, or perhaps in many areas. As they advance toward their original goals, some people adjust their sights and raise their hopes. Some fail to reach their ultimate objectives, and have to settle for less, but many continue to find success by following well-established principles. We cannot promise you everything you desire. Nobody can guarantee unlimited success. We can, however, remind you of a few of the principles that will give you the greatest opportunity to realize your hopes and dreams.
These principles are Guidelines for Success, in life and in the martial arts. The greatest value in the martial arts is in the area of personal growth and development. Take some time to consider these guidelines and decide how, and to what degree, you can apply each of them in your martial arts training and in your life. If you are a parent, share these guidelines, and your own thoughts about them, with your children.

Beginning with the end in mind, lays out the direction to move. Before you can succeed, you have to have the vision to know what you want. Focus on in and be sure not to lose sight of it. If you don’t see it, you can’t seize it! Keep your eyes on the prize!

Learning to set both short and long term goals is the next step in growth and development. People who enjoy great success have set realistic and attainable goals, and they follow up by making specific plans to achieve them. Then, as they move ahead toward their objective, they make regular assessments of their progress, and are never too stubborn to adjust when necessary.

Positive Attitude
Nothing in life is more powerful than attitude. Whether you believe you can or can’t, you will always be right.
Start each day by telling yourself it’s going to be a great day. Start each class with the conviction that you will make fantastic progress. Remember that attitude makes the difference.

A positive approach goes hand in hand with enthusiasm. In order to perform well, you have to want to. The truth successful enjoys their work as much as their play; every day and every challenge is exciting and fun. Enthusiasm is a vital ingredient of attitude.

Nothing can be achieved without effort. While positive attitude and enthusiasm lay the groundwork for success, the journey does not begin and cannot be completed without effort. Your success will be proportional to the amount of effort you expend. The harder you worked for it, the sweeter the eventual victory.

Have the will and the courage to overcome fear of failure. Keep on trying even when faced with adversity. You will discover that what you once perceived as an unscaleable mountain is no more than a stepping stone on the way to your goal.

Self-esteem is of prime importance. It grows by praise and encouragement. Teachers, trusted friends, and especially parents can build self-esteem by regularly recognizing and celebrating even small accomplishments.
When we have a healthy sense of self respect, we can see the value of others and we can welcome their contributions. Strong, worthwhile relationships grow out of mutual respect.

Honesty, reliability, trustworthiness, and punctuality are essential parts of responsibility. You must be responsible if you hope to be given responsibility by others on your way to being successful.
Demonstrate your trust in yourself and your own judgment by accepting full responsibility for your actions. Avoid blaming your disappointments on others. Disappointments and even temporary failures become the seeds of future success when we acknowledge our responsibility for them and learn from our mistakes.
Show your trust in others by delegating authority and responsibility. They, in turn, will trust you.

Do what you love and love what you do.
The joy of doing things you love is contagious.
People like to be around people who are passionate.
Decide what you enjoy doing most and do it with all your heart.

Our program is goal oriented. Every student, regardless of age, needs to set goals.

Safety in the school is vitally important. We must all work together to create a safe environment. If you observe anyone, at any time, who is failing, in your opinion, to maintain the highest levels of safety, report it to an instructor immediately.Work at your own pace. If you feel pain or discomfort, stop immediately and inform your instructor.

Missed Classes
We understand that you may unavoidably miss a class from time to time. If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, please call and let us know. If you are going to miss several classes, (e.g., going away for a vacation), please talk to an instructor so we can plan a training program that will fit your schedule.

Sport Karate offers a variety of class times for students on each level and each age category to make it easy for you to practice and progress toward your goals.
In order to be as convenient as possible for everyone, it is necessary to modify our schedules from time to time. Your instructor will keep you informed of any changes that affect you personally.

The Parent’s Role
Your role is extremely important.
Sport Karate we will do our utmost to reinforce the same important life principles you teach at home. You can help us to help your child in three ways:

1.Communicate to us the benefits you wish your child to receive from the martial arts.

2.Be actively supportive of your child’s participation.

3.Reward progress with praise. The more excitement and enthusiasm you show for each success, no matter
  how small, the more excited your child will be to achieve even more.

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