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Adult Self-Defense Programs Ages 16+

We focuses on the importance of awareness, prevention, streetwise precaution and most importantly,
self-defense, empowerment, personal  safety tips, & what to do if worst is happens.

   Basic safety
   Driving/Parking lot safety
   Home alone safety
   ATM / Shopping safety
   Out side or walking safety
   Travel/Transportation safety

The subjects we cover in the basic and advanced series are:

1,  Women's workout instructs women on basic techniques, hand-on training, and street fighting.
2,  Grab & hold escapes; ground control.
3,  Gun defense- Guns are used for intimidation. Once you learn the strengths and weaknesses of
           guns, you will stand a better chance at overcoming your initial shock and fear and be able to
           effectively defend yourself if you choose to.
4,  Knife defense- Knives are scary, and can be more dangerous than a gun- they never jam or run
           out of ammunition, and any thug can use one without any training. Learn how to win against a
           knife attack.

This series of classes the key to safety is to continue to learn as much as possible about what dangers you  potentially face, as well as how predators operate.

The advanced series builds on the principles learned in the basic women's defense course.
The basic class is prerequisite for the advanced series. This series is an ongoing rotation of class blocks
that last eight weeks each. Classes are held once per week on Sunday, 3:00-4:00pm  class lasts for one hour.